Vinyl Colours & Sizing

There’s a variety of vinyl colours and effects to choose from:  Standard colours as well as speciality sequins and chromes.

See the previews below to help you make your decision.  For further inspiration, check out the UBERSTICKY Instagram feed!

Your brand/project is important, so all of the vinyls available:

  • Are high-quality, long-term outdoor certified materials;
  • Are designed to last for years;
  • Will not shrink, fade or peel off once applied.

Sticker/Decal Sizing…

  • Minimum dimensions:  10mm (1cm) in height for lettering and other design details, get in touch to discuss your needs;
  • Maximum dimensions:  1.2m (120cm, 1200mm) x 550mm (55cm).

Available Colours and Specialty Vinyls…


If you’re interested in a colour or effect that isn’t shown here, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do!