Vinyl Colours & Sizing

There’s a variety of vinyl colours and effects to choose from:  Standard colours as well as speciality sequins and chromes.

See the previews below to help you make your decision.  For further inspiration, check out the UBERSTICKY Instagram feed!

Your brand/project is important, so all of the vinyls available:

  • Are high-quality, long-term outdoor certified materials;
  • Are designed to last for years;
  • Will not shrink, fade or peel off once applied.

FAQ:  “What do you mean by ‘shrink’…?”

Cheap vinyl physically shrinks, within weeks. If a sticker supplier uses cheap vinyl, you’ll be left with your brand, logo or company looking cheap. Nobody wants that! To that end, I’ve spent years filtering out the bad vinyl to only work with and supply great vinyl!

Sticker/Decal Sizing…

  • Minimum dimensions:  10mm (1cm) in height for lettering and other design details, get in touch to discuss your needs;
  • Maximum dimensions:  1.2m (120cm, 1200mm) x 550mm (55cm).

Available Colours and Specialty Vinyls…


If you’re interested in a colour or effect that isn’t shown here, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do!